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Make a complaint

Make a complaint

You can make a complaint to us about:

  • registered tax agents, BAS agents or tax (financial) advisers (collectively referred to as 'tax practitioners')
  • anyone providing or advertising tax agent, BAS or tax (financial) advice services who is unregistered
  • the decisions we make or our actions and processes.

Making a complaint about a tax practitioner

Complaints about registered or unregistered tax practitioners should be lodged using our online complaints form.

To check if a tax practitioner is registered search on TPB Register

You can make an anonymous complaint, but if you provide insufficient information and evidence we may not be able to act on it. Please provide as much detail as possible, including any relevant documentation to support your complaint.

Completing the online complaints form

You cannot save the form to complete it later, so ensure you have all the information listed below before you start completing the form.

 Checklist - information you should have to lodge your complaint

Name, address and registered agent number (if registered) of the tax practitioner.

Information about the following points so that we have enough information to act on your complaint:

  • what the tax practitioner was engaged or paid to do
  • what the tax practitioner did or did not do
  • matters relating to the tax practitioner's conduct
  • information provided to the tax practitioner that was not actioned or actioned incorrectly
  • what you have done to try to resolve the issue
  • what the tax practitioner has advised you
  • consequences of the tax practitioner's actions.

Any available evidence to support your complaint that you could attach to the form. 


After lodging your complaint

When we receive your complaint, we will:

  1. send you an email acknowledging receipt of your complaint
  2. make preliminary enquiries, such as contacting you to clarify details if required, or to collect additional information
  3. determine whether it is a complaint we can act on
  4. provide details of your claims to the tax practitioner concerned, if we are able to act on your complaint, so that the practitioner may comment on the matter
  5. conduct a formal investigation, where required, to determine whether a breach of the TASA, including the Code of Professional Conduct (Code), has occurred
  6. provide you with as much information as we legally can about the outcome of your complaint.

We may impose an administrative sanction if we find that the practitioner has breached the Code or we may apply to the Federal Court for a penalty or injunction.

Making a complaint about the Tax Practitioners Board

If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your complaint or are concerned with our actions, decisions, services and/or products, you can give us feedback or make a complaint.

You can ask for our reasons for making the decision (if we have not already given them to you). However, we may be limited in what we can tell you because of relevant legislation.

We recommend that you firstly discuss your concerns with the staff member you have been dealing with. If you are still not satisfied, or if you find it difficult to raise your concerns directly with them, you can:

  • ask to speak with their manager
  • let us know about your concerns through our General enquiry form
  • write to the Secretary/CEO of the TPB at:

The Secretary/CEO (Complaints)
Tax Practitioners Board
GPO Box 1620

Further assistance

If you are still not satisfied with how we dealt with your complaint or any of our actions or decisions, the following organisations may be able to assist you.

Inspector-General of Taxation - You can contact the Inspector-General of Taxation by visiting www.igt.gov.au.

Commonwealth Privacy Commissioner - If you are concerned about our handling of your personal information, you can make a complaint to the Commonwealth Privacy Commissioner by visiting www.oaic.gov.au.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) - You may also be able to appeal to the AAT. For a list of the appealable decisions under the TASA, refer to Reviewable decisions.

If you remain dissatisfied with a decision following an AAT appeal you may have further appeal rights to a court of law.


Last modified: 6 August 2018