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Registered tax practitioner symbol

Registered tax practitioner symbol

The Registered tax practitioner symbol (symbol) provides tax agents, BAS agents and tax (financial) advisers (collectively known as 'tax practitioners') with public recognition that they are registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

Tax practitioners who meet the eligibility criteria can use the symbol in advertising their tax agent or BAS or tax (financial) advice services, thereby promoting confidence among consumers.

What to look for

Registered tax practitioners must use the appropriate symbol for their type of registration and with their registration number.

You can check a tax practitioner is registered by searching for their registration number on the TPB Register.

Who can use the symbol

Registered tax agents and BAS agents (including registered companies and partnerships) that have:

Registered tax (financial) advisers (including registered companies and partnerships) that have:

  • registered or renewed under the standard option
  • agreed to the symbol's Terms and conditions of use, and abide by them, including the requirement to follow the Certified trade mark rules relating to the symbol, and
  • not had their licence to use the symbol cancelled by the TPB.

The licence to use the symbol is granted at our discretion and may be cancelled where, for example, a tax practitioner does not comply with the Terms and conditions of use.

Using the symbol

Each registered tax practitioner has a symbol that will be unique to their registration.

To use the symbol, you first need to read and agree to the Terms and conditions of use and then request that we create your unique symbol using the online Registered tax practitioner symbol request form.

The symbol is available in SVG, JPG and PNG file formats. You should use the:

  • SVG format of the symbol for printed material, stationery, printed advertisements, brochures and billboards
  • JPG and PNG file formats for web use and in Word documents.

Please note: When you display your symbol you must include your registration number and type of registration.

For more information on accessing the symbol, refer to How to download the symbol.

Further information

For more information refer to the Registered tax practitioner symbol guidelines.


Last modified: 25 March 2019