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Help with using the TPB Register

Help with using the TPB Register

The TPB Register contains the names of all tax agents, BAS agents and tax (financial) advisers (collectively referred to as tax practitioners) that are currently registered with us, including those whose registration has been suspended. The TPB Register also includes the names of certain deregistered tax practitioners.

The TPB Register is updated daily.

You can search the TPB Register on the following fields:

  • registered/agent name
  • practice/business name
  • registration type
  • registration number
  • terminated registration
  • street
  • city
  • state
  • postcode.

Search tips

  1. The more information you enter into the search fields the more exact a result you will achieve. However this will also mean that you might miss names that can be spelt in a variety of ways.
    For example, if the tax practitioner's name you are looking for is Stephen, which can also be spelt as Steven, you may want to search on the letters 'ste' so that your search results will contain either spelling.
  1. The street, city, state or postcode fields are based upon the address(es) where a tax practitioner is registered to practice. If you are unable to find a practitioner in your city, you may need to try the postcode instead.
    For example, if you search on the city 'Cottage Point' there are no results, however if you search on the postcode for Cottage Point, '2084' there are a number of results for surrounding cities that share the same postcode.
    Alternatively you may need to try the names of other cities or postcodes in the area.
  1. 'You are viewing records 1 to 0 of 0 total records found' will be displayed if there are no matches to the search criteria. There are a couple of reasons why your search may return no matches:
  • the spelling you have used in your search criteria may be different to the spelling used to register the tax practitioner
  • the person or entity you are searching for is not currently registered.

You may need to vary your search criteria before assuming that the tax practitioner is not registered. If you are still unsuccessful in finding a match, you can contact us for further assistance.

Search results

The search results provide the following details for each tax practitioner:

  • registered/practitioner name
  • practice/business name
  • registration number
  • city and state
  • registration status.

Further information about a tax practitioner is available by selecting their Registered/Agent Name from the list of search results displayed.

The search results can be exported as an excel worksheet or comma separated values (CSV) file for results of up to 20,000 records, or a CSV file for results of over 20,000 records.

Tax practitioner details

By selecting the Registered/Agent Name, the following additional information is provided for the tax practitioner:

  • the practitioner type (individual, partnership or company)
  • the business address/es
  • registration date – the date the tax practitioner was first registered (as this practitioner type)
  • registration expiry date – the date the tax practitioner’s registration is due for renewal
  • any conditions of registration
  • any suspensions of registration
  • any relevant sanctions we have imposed
  • whether the tax practitioner has been terminated
  • any professional association affiliations.

NOTE: Some tax practitioners may have more than one address.

Conditions of registration

We may place a one or more conditions on a tax practitioner's registration. A condition limits the subject area in respect of which the tax practitioner may provide tax agent services, which includes BAS services and tax (financial) advice services.

For a list of conditions we have imposed, refer to Conditions of registration.


Sanctions, other than a written caution, we impose on a tax practitioner will be kept on the TPB Register for the longer of:

  • 12 months starting on the day on which the sanction is imposed, and
  • the period during which the sanction has effect.

For more information, refer to Sanctions.


Tax practitioners that have had their registration terminated (cancelled), other than as a result of a surrender of registration, will be kept on the TPB Register for 12 months.

For these deregistered tax practitioners, the TPB Register will include the following details:

  • the name of the practitioner
  • the contact details of the practitioner
  • the date of effect of the termination of the practitioner
  • the reason for the termination of the practitioner’s registration.

Professional associations

Tax practitioners are required to disclose any professional affiliation they have with a professional association.

Professional associations may be accredited by us as a recognised tax agent, BAS agent or tax (financial) adviser association if they meet certain requirements in the Tax Agent Services Regulations 2009 (TASR).

For lists of associations that we have accredited refer to Recognised professional associations.

It is important to note that the professional association information that appears on the Register has been provided by the registered tax practitioner. Users of the Register are encouraged to make their own independent enquiries to verify this information (for example, you may wish to contact the listed association(s)).


Last modified: 19 June 2016