We have enhanced our online portal (My Profile) used by tax practitioners as we take online security seriously here at the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). As part of this enhancement, we have introduced multi-factor authentication (MFA) in line with Australian Government standards. 

Multi-factor authentication provides a way of verifying that you’re really the person you’re claiming to be when you log into your online accounts. Every time you login to our portal, you will be taken through the MFA process.

Our new continuing professional education (CPE) policy for tax and BAS agents commenced 1 July 2022. The following questions will help you understand our new requirements and why we revised our requirements.

Under the Better Advice Act 2021, tax (financial) advisers are no longer regulated by the Tax Practitioners Board. Refer to the following information which will help you understand the changing regime and how it affects your registration.

We've compiled a list of common queries asked by tax (financial) advisers about their registration requirements under the Better Advice Act 2021.


Last modified: 30 November 2022