Issued: 12 July 2022

Last modified: 12 July 2022

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When the time comes to renew your tax or BAS agent registration, preparation is the key to saving you time and unwanted stress! Take a look at our top tips to take the stress out of renewing and don’t forget you need to renew your registration at least 30 days (but not more than 90 days) before it expires. The good news is you will remain registered until we process your renewal.

Before you login into My Profile to renew your registration ensure you have the following ready to go.

For individual tax and BAS agents

If you haven’t already verified your identity with us, you must complete a one-off proof of identity (POI) process at renewal. This helps protect your personal information and aligns with Australian Government standards. To complete your POI you should:

  • Make sure your legal name on the identity documents you’re using is exactly the same as the name you used to register with us. 

    • If your legal name on your identity documents is incorrect, you must contact the responsible government agency to have your name corrected before undertaking POI.

    • If your legal name on the TPB Register is incorrect, contact us via our Change registration details form.

  • If you need help with the POI process, check out our video. It provides some helpful tips to assist you.

Other things you need to do to renew

  • Confirm you have completed the required amount of continuing professional education.

  • Have professional indemnity insurance in place. You will need to provide the details of your policy, if you haven’t already told us.

  • If you relied on being a voting member of a recognised professional association to gain your registration, have your membership details handy.

  • Confirm the details of your relevant experience.

  • Check your contact details and let us know if anything has changed.

  • Provide details of any events that may affect your eligibility for registration, including any overdue tax obligations.

For partnership and company tax and BAS agents

To renew your partnership or company registration you will need to provide details of:

  • your current professional indemnity insurance policy

  • the sufficient number of registered individual tax or BAS agents

  • directors and partners who are not registered as individual tax or BAS agents

  • any events that may affect your eligibility for registration, including any overdue tax obligations. 

Logging in to My Profile

When you log in to My Profile to renew your registration it’s important to note that you will now need to complete a multi-factor authentication (MFA) process. MFA adds a layer of protection when accessing your account and helps prevent it being accessed by an unauthorised third party.

You are most likely familiar with MFA as many apps and online programs use this method of authentication, but if you need help or have questions check out our FAQs or instructional video.

Making payment 

Before you submit your application, you must pay your application fee in full. The renewal form contains payment instructions and will direct you to the Government EasyPay or BPAY website where you can make your payment.

Once you have paid your application fee you will need to provide your payment receipt number and a copy of your receipt in the renewal form. You can only finalise and submit your renewal once this step has been completed.

Further information

For more information check out our renewal video that provides some tips for making your renewal a smooth process. The video outlines all your renewal requirements and what information you need to declare to us.