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Issued: 6 May 2022

Last modified: 19 June 2023

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All registered individual tax practitioners, and those applying to register with us, must complete a one-off proof of identity (POI) process that helps protect their personal information and aligns with Australian Government standards. 

If you have yet to complete the POI process, you will need to complete this process at your next registration renewal. 

How do we conduct POI checks?

We use the Document Verification Service (DVS), a national online system that allows authorised agencies to verify certain identity documents issued by a range of Australian, State or Territory government agencies.

The DVS is a secure system that matches key details in your Australian-issued identity documents with a government record and provides timely online results.

Documents to use for POI

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Driver licence

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Medicare card

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Australian passport


If you don't have the above, other Australian-issued identity documents you can use include:

  • birth certificate
  • change of name certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • citizenship certificate
  • certification of registration by descent
  • ImmiCard
  • Australian visa (if using a foreign passport).

Before you start the POI process

Ensure your legal name on the identity documents you choose is exactly the same as the name you used to register with us, or the name you are applying to register under.

If your legal name on your identity documents is incorrect, you must contact the responsible government agency to have your name corrected before undertaking POI.

If your legal name on the TPB Register is incorrect, contact us via our Change registration details form.

POI online verification

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To have your POI details matched online, you must provide consent and use 2 different Australian-issued identity documents from the list above.

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Enter the information exactly as it appears on your identity documents in the POI section of the annual declaration or registration application form. For example, only include a middle initial if it is on the legal document. If using a Medicare card as an identity document, enter all 10 digits shown on your card.

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If you do not achieve a successful match from one or both documents, you can try again using another 2 different documents for verification.

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You have a maximum of 8 attempts to successfully complete POI online. If you cannot successfully complete POI, you must undertake an Australia Post in-person verification.

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An enquiry ID and transaction date are generated as proof of successful completion of the POI process.

Driver licence card number 

Due to enhancements to the DVS, some individual new applicants and tax practitioners renewing their registration who are yet to complete POI, are now required to include their driver licence card number when completing the process. 

This is mandatory for anyone with a driver licence issued in ACT, NSW, NT, SA, TAS or WA. For VIC or QLD, the inclusion of the driver licence card number is optional. 

The card number is a unique identifier which is updated each time a driver licence is reissued. Including the card number as part of the POI process ensures that the driver licence being presented is the most recently issued licence and minimises the risk of identity theft using a stolen or lost driver licence. 

The TPB does not capture and store this information, it is only used to verify your identity with DVS.  

Video: POI process

Watch our video which explains our POI process and provides some helpful tips to assist you to complete the POI process.

POI in person through Australia Post

You must undertake an Australia Post in-person verification for a fee if you:

  • do not consent to have your identity matched online, or
  • fail in your attempts to verify your identity online.

Completing POI at Australia Post

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Download and print the Identity verification form included in the POI section of the annual declaration or registration application form.

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Take this form with you to Australia Post, along with your identity documents to complete the POI process.

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Ensure the pre-filled name and residential address on the form is the same as your identity documents.

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On completing the in-person check, upload the Australia Post receipt to your annual declaration or registration application form you have started in My Profile.

  • New applicants – you will not be able to submit your registration application until Australia Post has verified your identity with us. This may take up to 72 hours.
  • Registered tax practitioners – you can submit your annual declaration but we will not be able to process it until we have received the POI advice from Australia Post.  If we do not receive this advice within seven days from submitting your annual declaration, we will contact you.


Failure to meet or undertake POI

If you are a registered tax practitioner and you fail to meet the POI requirements, your registration may be terminated. Alternatively, you may choose to surrender your current registration and lodge a new application when you are able to meet the POI requirement.

If you fail to undertake the POI process, you may risk your registration as it may be considered a breach of the Code of Professional Conduct. 

If you are a new applicant, you cannot submit your registration application without meeting the POI requirement.