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Recent media releases

8 May 2018 Strengthening the TPB's role in protecting consumers of tax services
1 March 2018 TPB marks eight years of national tax practitioner regulation
27 February 2018 Outsourcing and offshoring guidance for tax practitioners
27 February 2018 TPB releases final governance guidance for recognised professional associations
22 February 2018 Registered tax (financial) adviser numbers return to 19,000
24 November 2017 Time is running out for 9,500 tax (financial) advisers that still need to renew with the TPB

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News articles

15 May 2018

Software and payroll service providers: do you need to register with the TPB?

24 April 2018 TPB information sessions - Questions and answers
14 February 2018 Notifiable data breaches scheme
8 February 2018 Tax Practitioners Board to visit Doncaster (Melbourne) and Parramatta (Sydney)
23 October 2017 Protect your practice!
12 October 2017 Is your tax or BAS agent registered?

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Last modified: 15 May 2018