Issued: 1 August 2023

Last modified: 12 December 2023

Every 6 months we conduct a bi-annual survey across a sample of both tax practitioners and consumers. The survey, which first commenced in September 2019, helps us to understand:

  • consumers’ trust in registered tax practitioners

  • usage and effectiveness of our public register

  • awareness and effectiveness of Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) as a regulator.

We’ve just completed analysing the 7th survey, conducted in April 2023. Below are some key findings:

  • Where consumers use a tax practitioner, 42% of them use their services multiple times a year.

  • Trust in tax practitioners remains high with 71% of respondents saying that they trust their tax practitioner completely.

  • The awareness of the TPB public register has reached its highest level across all 7 surveys, with 71% of respondents indicating that they are aware of its existence.

  • 65% of consumers report using the same tax practitioner for 5 years or more. This is the highest level across all 7 surveys.

  • 35% of tax practitioners report seeing, hearing or experiencing something in the last year that has made them feel more positive about the TPB.

  • 88% of tax practitioners access our advice and guidance more than once a year and find it useful.

Looking ahead, the next survey (wave 8) is scheduled for October this year. We extend our gratitude to all tax practitioners who have participated in any previous survey and encourage those who receive the survey in the future to take part in it. Your valuable input helps us improve our services and understanding of the industry. Survey results for October's survey will be available in January 2024.