Issued: 22 November 2022

Last modified: 22 November 2022

Our refreshed website is now live for you to browse and experience its new contemporary look-and-feel and enhanced capabilities.  

This website has been designed with you in mind and includes a new top-level menu structure for tax practitioners and consumers to easily find information.  

The new For consumers section ensures consumers can locate information about using and finding a tax practitioner with ease. Our unregistered preparers strategy and details about submitting a complaint can be found within this new menu.   

All tax and BAS agent information can now be found within the one menu, For tax practitioners. This menu includes multiple sub-menus, broadly based on the registration life cycle, to help tax practitioners find their way through the information relevant to them.   

The TPB Register and Contact us are now more prominently featured and can be found at the top of every page across the site.  

We have prepared a help card to assist you navigate the refreshed website. This card explains changes to the website and includes quick links to some of the most popular pages.  

Download TPB website help card.  

We encourage you to explore our new website and its new features and let us know about your experience by completing this feedback form. As feedback is gathered, we will continue to improve our website to suit your needs.