Issued: 1 August 2023

Last modified: 1 August 2023

The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) launched its Corporate plan for 2023-24, dedicated to supporting public trust in the tax profession and the tax system. 

In the year ahead TPB Chair, Peter de Cure uses the Corporate Plan to define a focus for the TPB which offers support for tax practitioners while also ensuring the integrity of the tax profession and tax system. 

The Corporate Plan is built on four strategic pillars:

  1. Ready our people, technology, and culture for the future
  2. Foster opportunities to collaborate and partner
  3. Make it easy for tax practitioners to work with us
  4. Strengthen our regulation practice

Key activities outlined in the Corporate Plan include improving tax practitioner standards and integrity with support and guidance as well as continuing education programs, and webinars.

Additionally, Mr de Cure stressed that the TPB will remain active in protecting consumers by continuing to target our compliance activities based on the risk posed to consumers. This includes proactively addressing higher-risk tax practitioners who are driving non-compliance, including tax avoidance and evasion, profit shifting and shadow economy activities through implementation of our Expanded Compliance Program. Looking ahead, the TPB will continue to streamline the registration to support new and existing tax practitioners , collaborate with stakeholders and further safeguard our performance through a technology work program.  

Notably, the Corporate Plan highlights the Australian Government’s recognition of the TPB's significant contribution to Australian society. This acknowledgment is reflected in increased funding for compliance actions and proposed legislative changes aimed at strengthening the TPB’s independence and effectiveness.

Mr. de Cure concludes by expressing a shared vision among tax practitioners, consumers, the public, and stakeholders, emphasising the collective desire to work together and serve the best interests of the Australian community.