Issued: 10 October 2023

Last modified: 10 October 2023

The Assistant Treasurer announced 3 new member appointments to the Board of the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). 

In making these appointments, Assistant Treasurer, the Hon Stephen Jones MP noted these appointments will continue the high level of skills and experience available to the TPB, to help ensure that the key sectors of our economy are effectively regulated.

Peter de Cure AM, TPB Chair, welcomed Ms Simone Carton, Professor Kerrie Sadiq and Mr Phillip Davies to the Board. 

He stated, 'On behalf of the Board, I warmly welcome Simone, Kerrie and Phillip, and look forward to them sharing their wealth of professional insights and regulatory experience.'

The new members replace 2 Board members who have concluded their terms in office. Mr de Cure thanked Ms Judy Sullivan and Mr Craig Stephens for their service.

Mr de Cure also thanked the government for its continued support, appreciation for the dedication of TPB staff, and acknowledging the tax practitioner community that supports high standards and client services.