Issued: 29 September 2023

Last modified: 29 September 2023

We are continuously looking at ways to improve our online forms to make it easier for end-users.

A new SMART form for complaints now replaces our previous form, bringing several benefits to both complainants and the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). One of the several improvements is the better guidance it provides to users in categorising the main issues of their complaint. The form also prompts users to provide relevant supporting documents and information which help us to pursue the complaints lodged. 

At our end, the data collected through these forms will provide helpful information to better protect the community relying on tax practitioner services. For example, we will be able to:

  • identify issues that cause serious harm to clients, so we can address them sooner

  • see trends and emerging patterns of misconduct by tax practitioners (either by a single tax practitioner or across the tax profession)

  • reduce any vexatious or irrelevant complaints, so we can act on genuine complaints

  • better validate contact details provided in the form.

Check out our new complaints form.