Issued: 18 June 2024

Last modified: 25 June 2024

From 1 July 2024 the registration period for tax and BAS agents is changing. Join this webinar to find out why the registration period is moving to an annual period and what it means for you. We’ll also walk you through the streamlined renewal process and answer key questions about registration.


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Get ready for annual registration

Questions and answers

We have compiled some of the questions we received during our webinar.

Annual registration

You will receive reminders whenever your registration is due. We will send email and SMS reminders before your renewal is due. Check your details are up to date in My profile, so you don’t miss these important reminders.


Your registration will continue for 3 years from the date of your renewal. You will not change to annual registration until 2027 when you are next due to renew. 


No, you will be required to pay for 12 months, and your registration will be renewed for at least 12 months too (assuming it is approved). 


Yes, the annual fee from 1 July will be $273 for all registered tax agents, regardless of any conditions placed on your registration.


No, the annual declaration process has now been retired. 


No, the change to annual registration is happening as of 1 July 2024. You are not required to renew your registration until it is due for renewal. 


The fee applies equally to individuals, partnerships and companies seeking registration (including renewal) as a tax agent.



If you are now working part-time, you will still need to meet ongoing relevant experience requirements. The amount of relevant experience required depends on your educational qualifications and the pathway you used to register. Find out more about relevant experience.


The easiest way to find your registration renewal date is to search our Register. Just remember you need to renew 30 days before your expiry date.


Thank you for your feedback. From 1 July 2024 your renewal date will be included on the My Profile welcome page.


Registration application fees are currently paid to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), so we are unable to issue invoices in real-time. However, if required you can contact us to request an invoice.


Yes, but you still need to disclose the payment plan at the time of your renewal. The application for renewal will be considered on its merits taking into consideration relevant matters required under the law, including any payment plan.


The time taken to process a new application, or a renewal can vary depending on the individual circumstances of each applicant. 

We aim to process all applications within 30 days. Generally, delays in processing applications occur due to: 

  • applicants not providing all the required information with the application 
  • the complexity of business and partnership structures 
  • issues of fitness and propriety.

Find out more about processing times.


Yes, you can pay your renewal fee via EFT and credit card.



Any individual registered tax agent seeking to change to a company tax agent would need to make a new application for registration as a company.

If you have already registered a company registration with us, you can contact us and advise a change of practice structure.

Otherwise, you are free to register your practice as a company and let the individual registration lapse if no longer required. 


Under the law, company tax agents are required to have a sufficient number of individual registered tax agents to provide supervisory arrangements on behalf of the company.

There is no such requirement for applicants seeking registration as an individual tax agent. 


If you are a registered tax agent, you do not need to register as a BAS agent as well. Tax agents can perform BAS services.


Tax agents can provide a much broader range of services compared to BAS agents. As such, the Government has determined that a higher fee is payable by tax agents.


Yes, provided the former tax agent does not charge or receive a fee or other reward for the provision of a tax agent service.


If you are experiencing difficulties around the time of your renewal, it is prudent that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances. We will work to assist in these situations wherever possible.


No, the number of returns completed by a tax agent does not form part of our ongoing registration requirements. 


Yes, that is correct. Your renewal must be lodged and paid 30 days prior to your renewal date.


From 1 July 2024 the registration pathway for individuals can be found on the My Profile welcome page. 


There is no set formula to determine the sufficient number of registered individuals for a company, but the minimum number must be at least one. You must assess the number of registered individuals your company needs to ensure tax agent services (which include BAS and tax (financial) advice services) are provided competently and there are adequate supervisory arrangements in place. 

Take a look at the factors to determine sufficient number.


Each entity will have separate My Profile login details. 


Change of details

We will pass on your updated contact details to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). If applicable, the ATO will update your practice contact details, email address and mobile number, and also the postal address on your clients' income tax and fringe benefits tax roles, providing:

  • you have added them to your client list for these roles
  • the postal address for the client is the same as your prior address. 

You may still need to contact the ATO to update details for some broadcasts or email notifications. For further information refer to the ATO website.

You may also need to update your contact details in your practice management software used for lodgement of your clients' income tax returns and/or business activity statements.


The Tax Agent Services Regulations 2022 (TASR) set out what information needs to be recorded on the Register, and this includes contact details.

Tax practitioners can contact us to request their address appearing on the Register to be: 

  • changed to a PO Box, providing the special circumstances to support this change 
  • suppressed for safety reasons (for example, where there is a Court Order in place), providing evidence to support their request. 


Proof of identity 

No, proof of identity (POI) is a one-off requirement. 


No, our POI requirements are separate and if you have not already completed them with us you will need to do so at your next renewal.


You can only complete your POI at the time of your renewal. It is a one-off requirement so if you completed it at a previous renewal, you would not need to complete it again.


If you have 2 primary POI documents this will be sufficient for a tax or BAS agent registration. For example, a driver license, Medicare card, birth certificate or passport.


Continuing professional education 

No, you do not need to notify us of your election, but you should document this in your continuing professional education (CPE) records.


If it is medical treatment you are receiving, that would not qualify as acceptable CPE. It is only educative health and wellbeing activities that we see as acceptable CPE. Learn more about our CPE policy.


Yes, it will become a rolling 3-year period. So, your current CPE period is not impacted by annual registration. 


Professional indemnity insurance

If you do not charge a fee or receive a reward (for example, you are an employee or contractor) you will not need to have your own professional indemnity insurance policy to meet our requirements. If you are an employee or contractor, you will be required to provide us with the name of your employer or principal and their registration number. You can do this via My Profile