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Annual declaration for BAS agents

Annual declaration for BAS agents

You must complete an annual declaration to demonstrate that you meet the ongoing registration requirements as a BAS agent, including:

There is no payment required for the annual declaration process.

Individual proof of identity checks

If you are registered as an individual BAS agent, you must complete a one-off proof of identity (POI) process when you complete your annual declaration from October 2018.

For further information about the POI process including a list of acceptable documents to satisfy POI, refer to Proof of identity checks for tax practitioners.


When is your annual declaration due?

Your annual declaration is due by the anniversary of your registration expiry date. You must complete your annual declaration with us each year, other than in the year you need to renew your registration.

Your registration expiry date is on the TPB Register.

We will send you an email approximately 45 days before the due date to remind you when your annual declaration is due. It is important you act on the email we send you about completing your annual declaration. Failing to complete it may be considered as a breach of the Code of Professional Conduct.

You can access your annual declaration form when we notify you via My Profile.

Example: How the annual declaration and registration renewal fit together

Jane’s BAS agent registration expires on 1 May 2021. Jane must complete an annual declaration by 1 May 2019 and another annual declaration by 1 May 2020.

As Jane’s registration expires on 1 May 2021, she is not required to complete an annual declaration in 2021 but must complete an application to renew her registration at least 30 days before her registration expires.

Keep your details up-to-date

We will email you when your annual declaration is due, so it is important that your contact details, including your email address are up to date so our reminders reach you on a timely basis.

You can review and update your contact details using My Profile


Last modified: 13 November 2018