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Annual Declaration

Annual declaration

You must complete your annual declaration to demonstrate and provide assurance to us that you meet your ongoing registration requirements as a registered tax practitioner.

Your annual declaration is due before the anniversary of your registration expiry date each year, except in the year you renew your registration.

In light of current coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts, we’ve temporarily waived the requirement to complete annual declarations for some tax practitioners. If your annual declaration is due on or before 30 June 2022, you do not have to complete it until 2023 or 2024 (if your registration renewal is due in 2023). For further information refer to Support for tax practitioners affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Failing to lodge your annual declaration before the due date may result in a sanction, including suspension or termination of your registration.

There is no payment required for the annual declaration process.

Go to My Profile to complete your annual declaration.


Individual proof of identity checks

If you are a registered individual tax practitioner, you must complete a one-off proof of identity (POI) process when completing your annual declaration.

For further information about the POI process including a list of acceptable documents to satisfy POI, refer to Proof of identity checks for tax practitioners.

Further information

Last modified: 7 October 2021