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TPB Corporate Plan 2022-23 - Our strategic approach

Our strategic approach

Our strategic approach

Our 2021-24 Strategic Plan sets out the roadmap for the TPB through to 2024, taking into account the James Review and a number of policy and organisational reforms. The strategic plan focuses on four key areas for improvement, outlined below as our Strategic Pillars. Our key activities and performance measures for 2022-23 directly link to our 2021-24 Strategic Plan and focus on achieving our objectives for 2021-24. 

Strategic pillars and key activities 

  1. Ready our people, technology and culture for the future

Continue to invest in our people and technology to ensure we deliver regulatory excellence. 

  1. Foster opportunities to collaborate and partner

Explore new ways to contribute to the effective operation of the tax system in an ever-changing environment.

  1. Make it easy for tax practitioners to work with us

Streamline our interactions with the tax profession and enhance our profile.

  1. Strengthen our regulation practice

Drive reform, understand tax practitioner behaviour to better target our compliance activities, and increase confidence through transparency. 


Last modified: 10 August 2022