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TPB Corporate Plan 2022-23 - Our regulatory performance

Our regulatory performance

Our regulatory performance

We are focussed on lifting our regulatory performance, capability and culture. To achieve these improvements and comply with best practice, we have developed tailored performance monitoring and reporting processes.

Our key activities and performance measures directly support the accomplishment of the three principles of regulatory best practice.

Performance measures Principles of regulator best practice
  Continuous improvement and building trust Risk-based and data-driven Collaboration and engagement
1.1 We contribute to government reform X   X
2.1 Our internal service standards results X    
2.2 Our quality assurance results X X  
2.3 Tax practitioner satisfaction with engagement with TPB registration and renewal process X X X
2.4 Tax practitioner satisfaction with reduction in red tape X   X
2.5 The TPB Register is available and updated daily   X X
3.1 Tax practitioner satisfaction with TPB compliance effectiveness     X
3.2 The number of completed compliance investigations   X  
3.3 The number of self-generated cases X X  
3.4 Unregistered preparers are identified and addressed   X  
4.1 The number of sanctions imposed   X  
4.2 Sanctions are appropriate X X  
5.1 The number of guidance products/instruments published X   X
5.2 Satisfaction from tax practitioners X   X
6.1 Our system availability   X  
6.2 Our staff wellbeing and engagement scores X    
6.3 Staff satisfaction with workplace culture X    
6.4 Staff satisfaction with skills development X    
6.5 Staff satisfaction with TPB Leadership X    
6.6 Board satisfaction with TPB governance X X  

Last modified: 10 August 2022