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TPB Corporate Plan 2022-23 - Our cooperation

Our cooperation


Our stakeholders provide input and feedback to improve our regulatory practice and help us respond to changes in our operating environment.

We frequently engage with tax practitioners directly through public consultation, webinars and publications, such as the TPB eNews newsletter. We also foster open and consultative relationships with professional associations, particularly in the development of policy and guidance, to ensure that our regulatory practice continues to meet the needs of, and remains responsive to, the tax profession.

Our relationships with the ATO and other regulators are an essential part of our ability to serve the community and tax practitioners. We share data and information in order to deliver improved services and target behaviours of concern.

We continue to work closely with Treasury and provide insights to support the design of the legislative and policy framework that impacts on tax practitioners.

In doing so, we recognise that we do not operate in isolation. Other government agencies and bodies – such as ASIC, the Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman, and the Professional Standards Council – are integral to our success. We will continue to collaborate with these agencies and build relationships, including through the continued establishment of memorandums of understanding, in order to improve our compliance programs and achieve our vision.

Consultation mechanisms

To fulfil our purpose to the best extent possible, we have established consultative mechanisms to inform our operations.

The Tax Practitioner Governance and Standards Forum was established to ensure that any significant proposals affecting tax practitioners are made with appropriate consultation. The Forum, which is co-chaired by the TPB and a leading representative from a professional association, will continue to mature, and through it, our engagement will continue to thrive.

We also continue to operate the Consultative Forum, which has a more operational focus and provides a further platform for engagement with professional associations, who provide us with invaluable insights about the tax profession.

Our relationship and consultation with tax practitioners, professional associations, and other government bodies is fundamental to our ability to deliver our strategic pillars.

We are committed to listening to and understanding stakeholder needs, educating tax practitioners to make it easy for them to comply, and transparently explaining our decisions.

Charging review

As part of the James Review, the Australian Government has requested that a charging review be undertaken.

We continue to work with the Treasury and the Department of Finance to progress this work.

Last modified: 10 August 2022