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TPB Corporate Plan 2022-23 - Our capability

TPB our capability

Our capability 

Workforce capability

The ongoing work of our staff development programs, together with a shared understanding of our agreed cultural traits, will support our workforce and help us to develop the expertise and mindset needed for the future. We will remain focused on our staff and their development and the key outcomes we require, with a program of measurable initiatives.

We have undertaken a workforce review, as committed to in our strategic planning. Work on designing the most effective and efficient workforce will continue. Automation remains a powerful tool in moving human resources away from tasks that are routine and repetitive, and into work that requires judgement, foresight and creativity. In 2022–23 we will continue to move towards the ideal workforce of 2024, in terms of both enhancing the skills of our current workforce and bringing in extra skillsets in areas such as data analysis.

Our workforce culture is a key enabler in meeting our 2024 vision. In 2022–23, we will define our workforce cultural traits, then develop the programs to encourage, reward and enhance them

Technology consolidation

Our strategy for 2024 shows our commitment to building technology systems and infrastructure that provide solutions and processes to equip us to achieve our overall regulatory agenda.

Through our new client relationship management software and improved website experience and functionality, we will continue to improve our service offering for both consumers and tax practitioners. We are focused on increasing automation, reducing errors and reducing mandatory ‘touch points’ for those who use our services.

Behind the scenes, we will be embedding our program of data-driven outcomes. This involves a significant investment in data access and tools and will require us to continue to work in concert with our regulatory partners, such as the ATO.

Technology strategy

Our strategic objectives for 2024 include a commitment to build and maintain contemporary technology infrastructure that increases the agility of our response to changing demands such as accommodation flexibility and legislative change.

Many advances in technology arrive with little or no warning. The best way to be ready for future technological change is to keep existing services upgraded and optimised, so that less time and cost will be required to harness opportunities when they are identified.

Our information and communications technology strategy includes the modernisation of our laptop and desktop fleet; network communications; future phases of our client relationship and case management system; and improved collaboration with our technology support providers.

Last modified: 10 August 2022