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TPB bi-annual survey results – November 2020

TPB bi-annual survey results – November 2020 

Every six months we conduct a bi-annual survey across a sample of both tax practitioners and consumers. The survey, which first commenced in September 2019, helps us to understand: 

  • consumers’ trust in registered tax practitioners
  • usage and effectiveness of our public register 
  • awareness and effectiveness of Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) as a regulator. 

The survey has now taken place three times and the latest survey conducted in November 2020 reveals a number of interesting trends. Below are some key findings from this survey: 

  • Consumer confidence in the tax practitioner profession remains very high.  
  • Consumers have a high trust level in their tax practitioner (88%) and the majority rated their experience as excellent (66%). The majority of consumers (58%) advise that they have used the same tax practitioner for more than five years. 
  • Most consumers (66%) who were aware of the TPB were also aware of the public register of tax practitioners. 
  • Understanding of the role of the TPB by the profession has remained steady (79%). 
  • A high percentage of tax practitioners (85%) believe that the TPB is effective at ensuring that tax practitioners are registered. 
  • A majority of respondents also recognised that regulation of the sector protected both tax practitioners and consumers.  

The next survey (wave 4) will be conducted later this year. We thank tax practitioners who participated in this, or any previous survey, and also encourage anyone receiving the survey in the future to complete it. 


 Last modified: 8 March 2021