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Statement regarding the TPB’s approach to recognised professional associations

Statement regarding the TPB’s approach to recognised professional associations

Following media reports and enquiries from practitioners, I would like to clarify the role of the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) in the recognition of professional associations.

The TPB accredits a number of recognised professional associations and by doing so provides their voting members an additional avenue to seek registration with the TPB. It is important to note that recognition with the TPB does not give a professional association the ability to actually provide tax agent services for a fee.

In order to satisfy the TPB that these associations continue to meet the legislative requirements to be recognised, in April 2016 the TPB implemented an annual declaration process that requires all recognised associations to confirm and demonstrate that they continue to meet the ongoing eligibility requirements.

The TPB is currently considering annual declaration submissions from a number of recognised associations.

If a professional association is unable to demonstrate they meet the ongoing requirements and they are no longer recognised with the TPB, we will engage with relevant tax practitioners to assist them in meeting their ongoing registration requirements. I would like to note that voting membership of a recognised professional association is just one of the pathways tax practitioners can use to satisfy the ongoing registration requirements.  

A list of all TPB recognised professional associations is available on our Recognised professional associations page.


Greg Lewis

Acting Chair, Tax Practitioners Board

Last modified: 13 July 2017