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Reminder to small business - check your agent is registered

Reminder to small business – check your agent is registered

From 16 October to 5 November, the Tax Practitioners Board will be running an advertising campaign to reach out to small businesses to encourage those who use an agent for their tax or business activity statement matters, to check that the agent is registered.

We will encourage small businesses to:

  • look for the registered tax practitioner symbol
  • check the TPB Register.

The registered tax practitioner symbol is an easy way for small businesses to see if their tax practitioner is registered with the TPB and be assured that they have the necessary qualifications and experience. The practitioner’s symbol may be found on a range of business materials, including websites, stationery, email signature blocks, brochures and business cards.
Registered tax practitioners who have not already downloaded the symbol, can visit our website to download their symbol. Full display requirements of the symbol are available at www.tpb.gov.au/symbol