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Is your tax or BAS agent the real deal?

29 June 2020

Is your tax or BAS agent the real deal?

We began an online advertising campaign on 22 June to create awareness amongst consumers of tax practitioner services to use only a registered tax practitioner. The campaign will run until 31 July.

The campaign highlights the serious issue of unregistered agents using taxpayers’ MyGov account details to lodge tax returns. This illegal activity exposes consumers to fraud and puts their financial and personal information at risk. The advertising campaign, at the beginning of Tax time 2020, will serve as a timely reminder for consumers to guard themselves from falling victim to unregistered agents.

The online advertisement will encourage consumers (individuals and businesses) to check the TPB Register to ensure the tax practitioner they use or intend to use is registered with us. 

The campaign has been guided by the findings from our recent research and the advertising campaigns we’ve run in the past. 

Checking if a tax practitioner is registered

To confirm if a tax practitioner is registered with us, you can: 

  • search the TPB Register 
  • look for the registered tax practitioner symbol.

TPB Register

The TPB Register includes details of registered tax practitioners and some deregistered practitioners, including the reasons for termination of their registration.  For further information about how to use our register, refer to Help with using the TPB Register.

Registered tax practitioner symbol

The registered tax practitioner symbol is an easy way for consumers to see if their tax practitioner is registered with the TPB. The practitioner’s symbol may be found on a range of business materials, including websites, stationery, email signature blocks, brochures and business cards. For further information, refer to Look for the symbol

Further information

Last modified: 29 June 2020