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TPB thanks stakeholders for CPE policy feedback

14 April 2021

TPB thanks stakeholders for CPE policy feedback 

We thank all our stakeholders, including tax practitioners for your overwhelming response to our draft continuing professional education (CPE) policy. The draft policy was released on 11 February 2021 for a 28-day consultation period, inviting feedback from stakeholders and interested parties.

We received a large number of submissions, 95 in total, including 82 from individual tax practitioners in response to this important consultation.

This review of our CPE policy is the first since our requirements were introduced in 2012 for tax and BAS agents, and 2014 for tax (financial) advisers. So we appreciate you taking the time to offer your valuable suggestions. Your feedback is crucial to help shape the future of our CPE policy. 

We are in the process of reviewing the feedback received and will consider all feedback received carefully and consult further, if required, before finalising our position.

The current CPE policy requirements will apply until we release our revised policy. For further information on our current requirements, refer to:

Last modified: 14 April 2021