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TPB radio advertising campaign for tax time 2021

10 June 2021

TPB radio advertising campaign for tax time 2021

During tax time, the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) often runs online advertising campaigns in order to encourage consumers to ensure that their tax practitioner is registered with the TPB. This year's campaign will run from early June to the end of July.

These campaigns are successful, but only reach taxpayers recruiting the services of a tax practitioner for the first time (or those who are considering switching practitioner and are searching online). Therefore, in order to ensure we reach a wider audience (including those not considering changing their existing tax practitioner) we are running a separate radio campaign from 21 June until 18 July.

The 30-second radio adverts titled ‘Nobody likes unpleasant surprises’ will remind listeners of the risks of dealing with an unregistered practitioner. These adverts will be aired across various stations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Additionally, a small amount of social media advertising will be used to support this messaging.


The objective of the radio campaign was guided by the findings of our ongoing bi-annual survey into consumer and tax practitioner behaviour, Specifically, our recent survey revealed that the majority of consumers have long-standing relationships (of 5 years+) with their tax practitioner, and have high levels of trust with regards to that relationship. Unfortunately, many unregistered practitioners we investigate abuse this implicit trust and operate outside of the law. Therefore, we want to encourage taxpayers to check our public register and ensure their tax practitioner is registered with us. 

Checking if a tax practitioner is registered

The two easiest ways to confirm that your tax practitioner is registered with us is to:

  • search the TPB Register
  • look for the registered tax practitioner symbol.

TPB register

The TPB Register includes details of registered tax practitioners and some deregistered practitioners, including the reasons for termination of their registration.


Last modified: 11 June 2021