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Important renewal requirements for transitional tax (financial) advisers

9 June 2020

Important renewal requirements for transitional tax (financial) advisers

Are you a tax (financial) adviser registered under the transitional option? To successfully renew your registration with us, you must meet the qualifications and relevant experience requirements under one of four options. These options are:

  • 301 tertiary qualifications
  • 302 diploma or higher award
  • 303 work experience
  • 304 membership of a professional association.

Each of these options varies in levels of education and relevant experience. View our table which summarises the requirements under each of the four options.

As well as meeting the qualification and experience requirements, you must also ensure you meet all the other requirements to renew your registration. These include being a fit and proper person, meeting continuing professional educational (CPE) requirements and maintaining professional indemnity (PI) insurance.  

When completing your renewal application, don’t forget to also provide a statement of relevant experience. This proves to us you have the relevant experience required under the standard option you are renewing under. You need to be, or have been, an Australian financial services (AFS) licensee or a representative of an AFS licensee within the 90 days preceding your renewal application.

If you’re unable to meet the requirements under any of the standard options upon renewal, you won’t be able to renew your registration with us.

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Last modified: 9 June 2020