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Annual declaration and proof of identity - questions and answers

10 March 2020

Annual declaration and proof of identity — Questions and answers

We have compiled some of the questions we received during our webinar – Tips for completing your annual declaration and proof of identity check.

Annual declaration

Proof of identity check

Professional indemnity insurance

Continuing professional education

Registration renewal

Annual declaration form

How much does it cost to lodge the annual declaration form?

There are no fees associated with your annual declaration.

I run a sole director company, do I need to lodge an annual declaration as a registered individual and as a company?

Yes, if you have more than one registration type you will receive an annual declaration for each registration.

Isn’t the annual declaration the same process as a renewal?

The annual declaration is to demonstrate and provide assurance to us that you meet your ongoing registration requirements as a registered tax practitioner between renewals.

The annual declaration process is different – we don't ask questions about qualifications and experience and there is no payment required for the annual declaration.

Do we get an email reminder to lodge an annual declaration?

We’ll send you an email to inform you when your annual declaration is due. Therefore, it's important you keep your contact details up to date with us, including your email address.

It’s also a good idea to diarise a reminder for a month prior to your renewal date. This way, you know to either lodge an annual declaration or a renewal of registration.

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Proof of identity check

I did my proof of identity (POI) check in August last year, but recently my driver licence has changed. Do I need to do it again?

Proof of identity is a one-off process and doesn’t need to be completed again.

If you have changed your name you must notify us within 30 days. We need to see evidence of the change such as a certificate of trading name or marriage certificate.

Complete our online form to let us know.

You use the Document Verification Service (DVS) for POI checks, how can we be sure it’s secure?

The DVS is run by the Department of Home Affairs and it uses double blind security to protect your information. It’s important to know the DVS is not a database and it doesn’t store any personal information.

Requests to verify a document via the DVS are encrypted and sent via a secure communications pathway to the document issuing agency. DVS checks are based on informed consent and are conducted against agencies' existing information holdings, without retaining personal information once the check has been completed.

The design and operation of the DVS has been implemented by a rigorous, independent privacy impact assessment. It has been available since 2009 and is currently being used by a large number of Commonwealth, state and territory agencies.

My driver licence shows my name as Gregory John Smith and my Medicare Card shows Gregory J Smith, does that comply with verification process?

Yes, it’s ok to use these two documents, just make sure you input the name details as they are shown on the document.

Why is it necessary to go through this POI process when I have just set up the myGovID with the ATO – exactly the same process?

The TPB is a separate entity to the ATO, so you need to verify your identity with us as well.

myGovID is not eligible for POI with us. We recommend you use the following Australian-issued documents to verify your POI with us:

  • driver licence
  • Medicare card
  • Australian passport
  • birth certificate
  • change of name certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • citizenship certificate
  • ImmiCard
  • Australian visa (if using a foreign passport).

Can I complete my POI at another time before my annual declaration or renewal is due?

No, the POI check can only be done when you lodge your annual declaration or when registering as a new practitioner.

I've completed my annual declaration, but didn't have to complete the POI check. Why is this?

The POI is a one-off process. Once you have completed it you won’t be asked to do it again.

My passport is expiring soon, do I have to update the details of my passport when I get a new passport?

As long as your documentation is valid (not out of date) you can use it to complete your POI check. You do not need to update us with your new passport details as the POI is a one-off process.

What do I do if my legal name on the TPB Register is incorrect?

If you’re a registered tax or BAS agent you can use our Contact us form and select ‘Change registration details’.

If you’re a registered tax (financial) adviser, you need to contact ASIC to have your name, date of birth or business address details updated. ASIC will then pass on the correct details to us. It’s important to know that updates you make with ASIC may take up to seven days to appear on your TPB records. This is why we recommend you contact ASIC at least two weeks before completing your annual declaration with us.

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Professional indemnity insurance

Do I need to notify the TPB when I renew my professional indemnity (PI) insurance every year or can I wait until I complete my annual declaration?

You can update your details whenever there is a change in your PI insurance policy, including every time the policy is renewed. You can advise us of your PI insurance arrangements by visiting My Profile.

Why aren't we allowed to load our PI insurance details prior to the commencement date, especially when renewing and the policy details are available?

PI insurance can only be updated in My Profile after the due date has passed.

For example: a renewed PI insurance policy with the start date of 1 April 2020 can’t be updated through My Profile on 15 March 2020, even if you have renewed and paid for the policy on that date. You are still covered by your previous policy until it expires, which in this example would be midnight on 31 March 2020.

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Continuing professional education

What can I do if I haven’t completed my continuing professional education (CPE) before my annual declaration is due?

Complying with our CPE requirements and ensuring you remain competent to provide tax practitioner services is one of your obligations under the Code of Professional Conduct (Code). If you fail to comply with the Code you will not be eligible for registration.

If you’re not able to confirm that you meet the CPE requirement, your annual declaration will not be accepted. You must keep up to date with your CPE, so you don’t risk your practice or your registration.

However, there may be extenuating circumstances where you are unable to complete the minimum hours of CPE. Examples of situations where it might not be possible for you to complete the minimum amount of CPE hours include:

  • illness
  • disability
  • financial or other hardship.

In these circumstances, we’ll consider appropriate relief from the minimum amount of CPE hours, provided you can demonstrate that you’ve attempted to use the flexibility of your CPE period to manage any extenuating circumstances to comply with our CPE requirements.

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Registration renewal

My registration is in my company name and the company has a business name. Can I change the registration details to be in the business name?

Your registration must stay in the legal name of your entity. You can update your business name by using our Contact us form and selecting ‘Change my registration details’ and then ‘Update legal or practice name’.

I didn’t receive an invoice for the renewal of my registration. Will an invoice be issued for tax purposes?

You can request an invoice by using our Contact us form and selecting ‘Make a general enquiry’.

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Last modified: 10 March 2020