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Tax Practitioners Board announces Secretary

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tax Practitioners Board announces Secretary

The Tax Practitioners Board (Board) has been preparing for the new Tax Agent Services regime, which will take effect on 1 March 2010.

The Board is pleased to announce the confirmation of Geoffrey Robinson as Secretary of the Board for a three-year term. Geoff has held the role of Interim Secretary since June last year.

Chair of the Board, Dale Boucher said “I am delighted to have Geoff on board for the next three years. He has been instrumental in helping the Board settle in and to prepare us for the new regime.

His 12 years’ experience as a member of the Victorian Tax Agents’ Board will also assist in ensuring a smooth transition to the new regime.” Mr Robinson said “I am extremely happy to take up the Secretary role on an ongoing basis. I have a keen interest in seeing the new regulatory arrangements take effect. I think the Board and the new national system will make a real difference to the tax agent services regime and I feel privileged to play a key role in that.”

As a Deputy Commissioner of Taxation, Geoff previously led numerous client-centric business lines nationally and in most major ATO sites across Australia. Geoff also held the role of Deputy Registrar of the Australian Business Register.

Mr Boucher noted that Geoff will work solely as the Secretary of the Board for the next three years.

For information on the new regime go to the Tax Practitioner Board website www.tpb.gov.au or contact:

  • Dale Boucher - Chair, Tax Practitioners Board 
  • Geoff Robinson - Secretary, Tax Practitioners Board