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Tax Practitioners Board announces Consultative Forum

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tax Practitioners Board announces Consultative Forum

The Chair of the Tax Practitioners Board, Dale Boucher, today announced consultation arrangements the Board will begin to introduce in January 2010.

Following the first meeting of the Board, Mr Boucher said “I am inviting representatives from the professional associations to meet with board members in Sydney on 20 January 2010.

At that meeting, we will develop our consultative arrangements that will in turn provide valuable input on many issues”.

“The profession needs to hear how the Board will address issues of coverage such as in-house advisers required to register, entry requirements and specialist registrations “ Mr Boucher said, “but first the Board needs to hear the views and gain input from the profession itself.”

At the first meeting of the Tax Practitioners Board held on 10 December, the Board decided to form a number of committees, complemented by working groups, to address and consult about the range of issues that have been raised by the professions and others.

From 1 March 2010 there will be a new, single, national system to regulate tax agents and for the first time those providing Business Activity Statement (BAS) Services for a fee. BAS providers need to notify the Board between March and September 2010 to take advantage of transition provisions that will allow up to three years to meet all registration requirements.

Dale Boucher said “we are planning for a smooth implementation without disrupting business. Understanding different needs through consultation will allow us to do this in tandem with the profession.”

For information on the new regime and how it affects you go to the Tax Practitioners Board website www.tpb.gov.au or contact:

  • Dale Boucher - Chair, Tax Practitioners Board
  • Geoff Robinson - Secretary, Tax Practitioners Board