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Setting education standards for BAS agents

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Setting education standards for BAS agents

The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) is working to lift standards for tax professionals, and today announced details of its education requirements for BAS agents, including a basic GST/BAS taxation principles course.

Over 16,000 registered BAS agents, including 15,000 who notified with the TPB, will need to meet updated education requirements when they reapply for registration starting from March 2012.

The Chair of the TPB, Dale Boucher said, “The TPB is setting realistic education requirements for BAS agents. It is important agents find out what they have to do to continue to be registered with us. We want to allow plenty of time for agents to get their qualifications. So it is important that BAS agents start considering how they will go about doing this in the meantime.”

“By introducing consistent standards, the TPB is reflecting what Australians expect from registered BAS agents. They want registered agents to be suitably qualified and to be able to rely on the BAS services they are paying for. Achieving this will promote confidence and trust in this newly regulated profession,” Mr. Boucher said.

The TPB is working closely with Innovation & Business Skills Australia and the education sector, including TAFEs and registered training organisations, to ensure that BAS agents have access to ‘Board approved’ courses. The longer term requirements for an approved course in basic GST/BAS taxation principles have been drawn from existing Certificate IV units to develop a BAS Agent Registration Skill Set:

  • carry out business activity and instalment activity statement tasks, and
  • establish and maintain a payroll system.

Broadly, this Skill Set covers the:

  • collection and recovery of FBT
  • indirect taxes law (including GST and other indirect taxes such as wine equalisation tax or luxury car tax), and
  • pay as you go tax system.

Those who hold a diploma or higher qualification, may need to complete the BAS Agent Registration Skill Set if their diploma or higher qualification did not contain a course equivalent. Full details of the updated TPB education requirements plus exposure drafts on related topics (including TPB approved assessment and course delivery) will be available on www.tpb.gov.au