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Seeking comment on exposure draft: Software providers and the TASA

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Seeking comment on exposure draft

Software providers and the TASA

The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) has released an exposure draft information sheet for comment:

The exposure draft has been released as a result of ongoing developments and changes affecting software providers. This exposure draft also draws upon the key principles contained in the TPB’s previously released information sheet TPB (I) 9/2011 Software developers and provides practical guidance to explain the situations when software providers would or would not need to register with the TPB as a tax or BAS agent. 

In particular, this exposure draft outlines specific steps for software providers to follow if they do not want to register as a tax or BAS agent, including having appropriate procedures/processes in place to ensure that you are not regarded as providing a tax agent service. This is consistent with ATO policies and procedures as published in the ATO’s draft paper ‘Cloud Software Authentication & Authorisation’ 

Ian Taylor, Chair of the TPB said, “We have undertaken extensive consultation with the software industry and this exposure draft incorporates input provided at a roundtable meeting we held in February this year. After reviewing any submissions received, we are aiming to finalise the information sheet to provide clear guidance for software providers before services begin transitioning from the electronic lodgement service (ELS) to standard business reporting (SBR) on 1 July 2015.”

Submissions on the draft information sheet close on 10 June 2015. Comments can be sent to tpbsubmissions [at] tpb.gov.au

All submissions will be reviewed and considered before the final information sheet is published on the TPB website

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