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Renewal deadline approaching for BAS agents

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Renewal deadline approaching for BAS agents

Time is running out for the majority of BAS agents to renew their registration

There are around 15,000 BAS agents who should renew their registration with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) by 29 January 2012 to continue operating legally.  

Dale Boucher, Chair of the TPB, urged these BAS agents to renew by the deadline. ‘We expect a large number of BAS agents to renew in January 2012.  Agents who provide BAS services for a fee or other reward must be registered with the TPB and meet certain registration requirements.’

Don’t worry if you don’t have educational qualifications yet

If BAS agents have not met the standard educational requirements by early 2012 a transitional renewal option still exists. This gives agents another 12 months to gain the required qualifications.

‘The transitional registration is a good option if a BAS agent does not think they will meet all the standard educational eligibility criteria by the time their current registration expires. Agents can apply to renew their registration for another 12 months and keep working as a registered BAS agent’ Mr Boucher said. ‘This gives agents time to complete education requirements and be ready to renew early in 2013.’

‘It is also important for BAS agents to remember that if they submit a complete application before their current registration expires, they will remain registered until they hear back from us about their application’ Mr Boucher said.

TPB Tips

The TPB has recently released several videos to help BAS agents with their registration. Topics include checking whether a BAS agent needs to register, renewing registration requirements and tips on how to renew online.

To view the videos go to TPB tips

More information – TPB Background

The TPB was established on 1 March 2010. It replaced the previous State based Tax Agents Boards in regulating tax agents and now BAS agents.

The TPB plays an important role in helping to protect taxpayers who use the services of tax and BAS agents.  It does this by registering agents, dealing with complaints and providing guidance on the professional and ethical standards to be observed by agents.

You can always check whether an agent is registered by looking at the Tax Practitioners Board online register

More Information

Further information can be found at www.tpb.gov.au

Contact: Georgina Cotton 02 6216 62518