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Australian taxation law and commercial law requirements

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Australian taxation law and commercial law requirements for tax (financial) advisers

The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) has finalised information about the qualification requirements for individuals who register as a (tax) financial adviser or renew under the standard registration option from 1 January 2016.

Under the standard registration option, tax (financial) advisers who need to complete Board approved courses must complete one unit in Australian taxation law and one unit in commercial law.

The full requirements for these Board approved courses are set out in:

These proposed guidelines set out the views of the TPB and aim to assist applicants, relevant course providers and the wider community to understand our approach to the qualification requirements for registration as a tax (financial) adviser.ENDS

For further information, please contact Communications on 02 6216 6573.

Background information:

The TPB released these documents as exposure drafts in August 2014 and took the submissions and comments into consideration in producing these final proposed guidelines. The TPB appreciates this valuable feedback and recognises its integral role in ensuring that we meet our objective and purpose in an effective manner.

Further information about the Tax Practitioners Board:

The Tax Practitioners Board regulates tax practitioners in order to protect consumers. The TPB aims to assure the community that tax practitioners meet appropriate standards of professional and ethical conduct.

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