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Agent registrations exceed expectations

Friday, July 6, 2012

Agent registrations exceed expectations

Dale Boucher, Chair of Tax Practitioners Board (TPB), today released the end of financial year agent registration figures. This gives the number of tax and BAS agents now registered with the TPB. It also includes details of BAS agents who are renewing their registration after first notifying the TPB to become registered when the TPB started in 2010.

Number of registered agents

 Number of registered tax agents 38,100
 Number of registered BAS agents 14,477
 Number of BAS agents who renewed in March 2012  9,20

Over 52,000 tax practitioners are registered with the TPB and this financial year, the TPB processed approximately 19,000 applications. 

Mr Boucher said ‘the Board is pleased with the high number of registrations.  In particular, over 9,000 BAS agents became registered by taking advantage of the notification transitional arrangements and have applied to renew their registration. This demonstrates that we are well into establishing the new tax agent services system and BAS agents are recognising the benefits of being a registered agent.'

The TPB is working continuously to develop and improve the registration processes. As part of this, throughout the 2012 financial year the TPB has:
• further developed its online registration forms for those applying for registration
• streamlined its processes for assessing applications for registration received by the TPB
• enhanced the TPB's systems that support the registration process.

The TPB urges anyone providing BAS services for a fee to register with the TPB.  If individuals who may want to register with the TPB are concerned that they do not meet the qualification and experience requirements, they may still be able to apply using the transitional option.

The transitional option is only available until 28 February 2013.  It simply requires the person applying to show the TPB that they have experience providing BAS services competently and for a reasonable period. This could be an attractive option for some employees who have not yet registered, Mr Boucher said.

Further information
The TPB regulates tax and BAS agents to protect consumers. The TPB aims to assure the community that tax and BAS agents meet appropriate standards of professional and ethical conduct by administering a national registration system for tax practitioners.

Visit www.tpb.gov.au for details on registering with the TPB.