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Look out for fake tax preparers

Taxpayers should be wary of unregistered preparers and check the TPB Register to see if the tax practitioner they use is registered with us.

Last modified: 21 December 2020

Law changes from 1 January 2021

Learn how the law changes from 1 January 2021 affect you.

Last modified: 18 December 2020

Professional indemnity (PI) insurance — Questions and answers

Find answers to some questions about our PI insurance requirements that we received during our recent webinar.

Last modified: 16 December 2020

Thank you for navigating a challenging year

We thank you for working hard to support your clients through a difficult year. Our offices will be closed from 11:30am (AEDT) on Thursday 24 December 2020 and will reopen at 9:00am (AEDT) on Monday 4 January 2021. However our website and online forms will be available during the holiday period. 

Last modified: 10 December 2020

Government announces enhancements to the TPB

Read about the legislative reforms announced by the Australian Government following an independent review of the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) and its legislative framework.

Last modified: 3 December 2020

Compliance matters

Find out who a high risk tax practitioner is and how we identify them.

Last modified: 25 November 2020

Don’t risk your registration – update your PI insurance now!

Commencing October 2020, we’ll be contacting you if our records indicate that your professional indemnity (PI) insurance details are not up to date with us.

Last modified: 17 November 2020

Maintaining your registration

Read about the ongoing obligations you must to meet to maintain your registration as a tax agent, BAS agent or tax (financial) adviser.

Last modified: 17 November 2020

Cloud computing - Questions and answers

Find answers to some questions relating to cloud computing that we received during our recent webinar.

Last modified: 17 November 2020

MOUs with recognised professional associations

The Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) show our commitment to work collaboratively with recognised professional associations to promote the integrity of the tax profession.

Last modified: 11 November 2020

BAS agents allowed to provide additional SGC services

A new Legislative Instrument allows BAS agents to provide wider range of services relating to superannuation guarantee and superannuation guarantee charge.

Last modified: 5 November 2020

National Mental Health Month

Read some important information about mental health. It's important to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health concerns and to seek help. We've provided some helpful resources that may be able to assist you.

Last modified: 20 October 2020

Further enhancing your online security

Find out more about the additional security measure we'll be introducing from 24 September when you login to My Profile.

Last modified: 15 September 2020

TPB policy response to the pandemic

Read a summary of our policy initiatives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of tax practitioners that benefited from these initiatives.

Last modified: 3 September 2020

TPB commences consultation on draft guidance about use of TFNs in emails

We invite your comments on a draft practice note that provides guidance to registered tax practitioners about using and disclosing TFNs and TFN information in email communications. Closing date for submissions is 30 September 2020.

Last modified: 1 September 2020

Improved data analytics leads to an increase in practitioner terminations

See how improved data analytics helped our investigations team in acting on complaints, referrals and intelligence, and in turn accounted for a 129% increase in terminations.

Last modified: 7 August 2020

AAT affirms the TPB decision to terminate tax agent owing a large tax debt

Read about the AAT's decision affirming our termination decision in the case of a tax agent who owed a significant tax debt to the ATO, at times as large as $750k since 2012.

Last modified: 3 August 2020

Be cyber aware — Questions and answers

Find answers to some questions we received during our webinar - Be cyber aware.

Last modified: 28 July 2020

Our Client Services team supports you!

Read about the achievements of our Client Services team during this challenging 2019-20 year. Contact us if your ability to meet your tax practitioner obligations is affected.

Last modified: 15 July 2020

Board approved courses requirements – draft guidance open for comment

Comment on the draft Legislative Instruments on Board approved courses requirements by 28 July.

Last modified: 1 July 2020

Be cyber aware!

Learn how to protect your business and client information during this tax time when cyber criminals will be highly active.

Last modified: 30 June 2020

Is your tax or BAS agent the real deal?

Find out about the online advertising campaign we're running until 31 July for consumers of tax practitioner services.

Last modified: 29 June 2020

Draft Legislative Instrument expanding BAS services open for consultation

Comment on our draft BAS services Legislative Instrument relating to superannuation guarantee charge by 13 July.

Last modified: 15 June 2020

Important renewal requirements for transitional tax (financial) advisers

If you're a tax (financial) adviser registered under the transitional option, learn about the requirements you need to meet to renew your registration.

Last modified: 9 June 2020

Don't forget to renew your registration on time!

A reminder to tax practitioners who need to renew their registration this year to submit their renewal application on time.

Last modified: 9 June 2020

Consumer price index fee adjustment

Registration and renewal application fee increases from 1 July 2020.

Last modified: 2 June 2020

Taking reasonable care — Questions and answers

Find answers to some questions we received during our recent webinar on Taking reasonable care.

Last modified: 1 April 2020

Super guarantee amnesty

We'll not commence any compliance action against registered BAS agents for providing services related to the super guarantee amnesty, until after our review of legislative instrument on BAS services is completed.

Last modified: 11 March 2020

Annual declaration and proof of identity — Questions and answers

Find answers to some questions about completing your annual declaration and proof of identity check with us. We've compiled these questions from our recent webinar on this topic.

Last modified: 10 March 2020

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