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1 July 2020

Board approved courses requirements – draft guidance open for comment

Comment on the draft Legislative Instruments on Board approved courses requirements by 28 July.

30 June 2020

Be cyber aware!

Learn how to protect your business and client information during this tax time when cyber criminals will be highly active.

29 June 2020

Is your tax or BAS agent the real deal?

Find out about the online advertising campaign we're running until 31 July for consumers of tax practitioner services.

15 June 2020

Draft Legislative Instrument expanding BAS services open for consultation

Comment on our draft BAS services Legislative Instrument relating to superannuation guarantee charge by 13 July.

9 June 2020

Important renewal requirements for transitional tax (financial) advisers

If you're a tax (financial) adviser registered under the transitional option, learn about the requirements you need to meet to renew your registration.

9 June 2020

Don't forget to renew your registration on time!

A reminder to tax practitioners who need to renew their registration this year to submit their renewal application on time.

2 June 2020

Consumer price index fee adjustment

Registration and renewal application fee increases from 1 July 2020.

1 April 2020

Taking reasonable care — Questions and answers

Find answers to some questions we received during our recent webinar on Taking reasonable care.

11 March 2020

Super guarantee amnesty

We'll not commence any compliance action against registered BAS agents for providing services related to the super guarantee amnesty, until after our review of legislative instrument on BAS services is completed.

10 March 2020

Annual declaration and proof of identity — Questions and answers

Find answers to some questions about completing your annual declaration and proof of identity check with us. We've compiled these questions from our recent webinar on this topic.

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