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Look for the symbol

Look for the symbol

We developed the Registered tax practitioner symbol (symbol) to provide confidence to consumers of tax services that they are using a registered tax practitioner.

Registered tax practitioners include tax agents and BAS agents.

If you use a tax practitioner to manage your tax affairs, you should ensure they are registered with us. One way of checking they are registered is by looking for the symbol.

Why should you look for the symbol?

What should you look for in the symbol?

Check registration details

Why you should look for the symbol?

Only registered tax practitioners who meet certain eligibility criteria can use the symbol. 

When a tax practitioner uses the symbol, this generally means that the tax practitioner is: 

  • registered with us, and
  • allowed to use the symbol.

What should you look for in the symbol?

The symbol includes three elements:

  • the logo/graphic
  • registration type of the tax practitioner – that is a tax agent or BAS agent
  • the TPB registration number of the tax practitioner.

You should check that the symbol used by your tax practitioner includes all the three elements.

Example of the registered tax practitioner symbol

Check registration details

We encourage you to check your tax practitioner’s registration details before you start using their services.

  • Search the TPB Register using the tax practitioner’s registration number displayed in the symbol to see if they are registered with us. 

By checking the Register, you can also find out if the tax practitioner has:

  • any conditions imposed on their registration – that is, they are only allowed to provide certain types of services
  • a sanction imposed on them for misconduct – such as a suspension of registration.
  • Ensure you use the correct type of practitioner for the tax services you need. Registered BAS agents can only provide some of the services tax agents are registered to provide. 

To find out what types of services a registered tax agent or BAS agent can provide, refer to Finding and using a tax practitioner

If your tax practitioner is providing tax services without being registered, make a complaint to us.

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Last modified: 24 February 2022