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We have the power to formally investigate certain matters under section 60-95 of the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA).

Not every complaint results in an investigation. Initially we make enquiries and gather preliminary information to determine how to proceed with a complaint. If an investigation is needed, we notify the entity in writing within two weeks of our decision to investigate.

Matters we have the power to investigate include:

  1. applications for registration
  2. breaches of the Code of Professional Conduct (Code)
  3. any false or misleading statements made to the Commissioner of Taxation
  4. advertising or supplying tax agent services when not registered
  5. any other conduct that may breach the TASA.

We must make a decision about the outcome of an investigation within six months after the investigation commences. If there are delays for reasons beyond our control, the investigation period can be extended.

During an investigation, we can compel witnesses to appear before us and also require production of a document or other item, to assist with our investigation.

For more detail about investigations, refer to Investigations information sheet.


Last modified: 16 April 2014