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Failing to renew your registration affects your business

Failing to renew your registration affects your business

You need to apply to renew your registration at least 30 days before it expires. We send you reminder emails to renew and it is important that you act on them promptly.

If you fail to renew, your registration expires. This impacts your business as you will:

  • not be able to legally provide tax agent, BAS or tax (financial) advice services for a fee or reward
  • lose access to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) tax agent or BAS agent portal if you are a tax or BAS agent
  • need to lodge a new application for registration and you cannot provide tax agent, BAS or tax (financial) advice services for a fee or other reward until the new application is approved
  • need to make alternate arrangements to manage your clients’ tax affairs.

Case study

Terry’s BAS agent registration was due for renewal. He received two reminder emails and an SMS from the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB), but he failed to renew his registration before it expired. As a result, Terry was no longer registered as a BAS agent and the ATO removed his access to the BAS agent portal.

Terry could not continue his business as a BAS agent while unregistered. Terry had to make arrangements with another registered BAS agent to manage his clients’ affairs after notifying his clients and obtaining their permission.

To resume his business, Terry had to:

  • apply for a new BAS agent registration, and wait for this application to be processed
  • issue new engagement letters to his clients after his registration was approved and obtain their permission to act on their behalf
  • contact the ATO and reapply for his BAS agent portal access
  • organise new business stationery and update online materials to include his new BAS agent registration number as these had his previous registration number
  • apply to the TPB again to download and use his new Registered tax practitioner symbol as he considered it as an important tool to promote his business and registered status.

This was a big inconvenience for Terry and his clients, and put his BAS agent business at risk.


Last modified: 6 September 2017