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Annual declaration for tax (financial) advisers

Annual declaration for tax (financial) advisers

From August 2017 an annual declaration process will commence for tax (financial) advisers registered under the transitional or standard option.

The annual declaration is a simple way to demonstrate that you meet ongoing registration requirements as a tax (financial) adviser, including:

When is your annual declaration due?

Your annual declaration will be due on the anniversary of your registration renewal date.  You need to complete your annual declaration with us each year, other than in the year you need to renew your registration.

You can find your renewal date on the TPB Register.

We will send you an email approximately 45 days before the due date to let you know your annual declaration is due and how you complete it.  

It is important you act on the email we send you about completing your annual declaration as failing to complete it may be considered as a breach of the Code of Professional Conduct.

You can access your annual declaration form when we notify you by visiting www.tpb.gov.au/myprofile

My Profile

Video: annual declaration form

Provides a quick look at what is covered in the annual declaration form that you need to complete.


Example: How the annual declaration and registration renewal fit together

Sarah’s tax (financial) adviser registration is due for renewal by 1 March 2020. She must complete an annual declaration by 1 March 2018 and then another annual declaration by 1 March 2019.

As Sarah’s registration is due for renewal by 1 March 2020, she is not required to complete an annual declaration in 2020 but she will need to complete an application to renew her registration.

Keep your details up-to-date

As we will email you when your annual declaration is due, it is important that your contact details, including your email address are up-to-date at all times so that our reminders reach you on a timely basis. For more information refer to Change of tax (financial) adviser details or circumstances.

Last modified: 3 August 2017