Board approved course lists for tax agents

The qualifications lists contain a listing of courses that have been approved as meeting the requirements of the following Board approved courses:

  • Australian taxation law
  • commercial law
  • basic accountancy principles.
  • Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA), including the Code of Professional Conduct (Code).

The lists also include individual units which have been approved by the Board as meeting part of the requirements of a Board approved course under the mix and match approach. The qualifications lists are updated as the Board approves more courses and units.

Qualifications lists

If your course does not appear on the qualifications lists

If you have completed a course or unit that does not appear on the qualifications lists, do not worry as the Board may not have yet considered your course or unit for approval.

If you have a query as to whether a qualification or course you have completed, or are proposing to complete, meets the requirements of a particular Board approved course, please send us an email with details of your qualification or course. Your email should be sent to and include the following information:

  • course outline and other relevant course materials
  • academic transcript (if any)
  • type of Board approved course you are seeking approval for (for example, a Board approved course in Australian taxation law).

More information

For more information, refer to:

Last modified: 15 March 2016